Workers’ Compensation

Employer Solutions Law is experienced at providing strategic intervention where needed in order to avert potentially large claim costs. We understand that every case and every client is different. We use our knowledge and experience to advise clients on the most strategic options for fighting and mitigating the financial effects of claims.

We have a proven track record of fighting vigorously and getting good results for our clients at the Department of Labor and Industries, the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and Superior Court.

Employer Solutions Law serves our clients through:

  • Strategic advice and guidance
  • Advocating at the Department of Labor and Industries
  • Appeals to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals & Superior Court


When should an employer call an attorney about a Worker’s Compensation claim?

Most often, it is a small percentage of workers’ compensation claims that accounts for a huge percentage of an employer’s workers’ compensation claim costs. Employers can proactively keep claim costs low by paying attention to warning signs that claims are being improperly handled, or may potentially spiral out of control, and seeking the advice of an attorney before that happens.

Consider calling an attorney if you see any of the following “Red Flags” on a claim:

  • The claimant has an unusually high number of prior claims.
  • You suspect that the claimant may be trying to “game the system” in some way.
  • A number of additional conditions are being contended or allowed on the claim.
  • Your third party administrator suggests legal help on the claim.
  • The Department won’t take proper action.
  • The case is on appeal at the Board.
  • The case is complex.
  • There are high current or potential costs to your company.
  • Something just doesn’t seem right – trust your instincts!