Workplace Safety Citations & Inspections

Employer Solutions Law has a proven track record of successfully negotiating with the Department of Labor & Industries’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health to reduce citations and monetary penalties, while often improving the safety and incident prevention programs of our clients’ businesses, which reduces the possibility of repeat violations.

Employer Solutions Law is committed to providing:

  • Immediate Response
    We are available for immediate representation and assistance with Department investigations triggered by severe injuries and workplace fatalities. Our attorneys have their own personal protective equipment ready to go so that they can be onsite for you when you need them. Oftentimes, proper compliance and cooperation with Department investigators can eliminate the need for further litigation by providing the investigator with the documentation and evidence that supports an employer’s affirmative defense leading to no citation being issued or demonstrating from the start that a general violation, rather than a serious one, is appropriate.
  • Reassumption Hearings
    We provide advice and representation to clients at Department Reassumption Hearings. By working with the Department Reassumption Hearings Officer, we are frequently able to secure a sure and certain result that reduces or eliminates a citation while at the same time bolstering an employer’s safety program. Resolving matters at the Reassumption level is significantly more cost-effective than prolonged litigation at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.
  • Appeals
    If we are unable to resolve a citation at the Reassumption level, we fight vigorously for our clients in appeals before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, Superior Court and the Court of Appeals.

We understand that in this difficult climate, businesses need strong and skilled attorneys to advocate on their behalf, or they may face penalties that could irreparably damage their businesses. Our firm has earned a strong reputation at DOSH for securing results that serve all parties – especially our clients!